Towable Turbocharger gives performance boost to watercraft


Want to give your recreational watercraft a boost? This tiny buoy known as the Towable Turbocharger will suspend a tow rope above the water’s surface, where it sits sits between two 30′ lengths of the included 4,100 lb.-strength tow rope, with one attached to your boat while the other to your towable, helping keep the rope free from your boat’s wake during turns that will ensure the line remains taut for faster towing speeds. This does away with the spray and drag which typically results from a rope being dragged through the water, making it the ideal solution for towables with low transom points. The buoy also ensures the tow rope remains visible to other boaters to avoid any untoward accidents. It is constructed out of a heavy PVC bladder covered by a zippered 840-denier nylon cover, boasting double-stitched seams and reinforced stress points to make sure it can last you for summers on end. The Towable Turbocharger can be yours this summer for $119.95 a pop.

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