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Those who have spent a good 8 hours or so in front of their monitor at work will definitely want to give their eyes a break when tehy get home, lounging on their favorite lazy chair while stretching out with the missus serving you a nice, hot dinner. OK, so maybe the last bit isn’t that ideal, but the ProMini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad from ThinkGeek might just help you relax, after all it offers a full keyboard layout not to mention navigation and multimedia control keys that allow you to do just about anything you like from the comfort of your preferred seating position. Heck, since it comes with a backlight, you can even dim the lights for that more romantic touch. Retailing for $69.99 a pop, it features the first 90-degree Flip Design Touchpad in the world, letting you click, scroll, and mouse like a champion despite its small size. Its lithium ion battery will also power an integrated Laser Pointer just in case you want to point to your kids to bring the can of beer located on the shelf and they’re not quite sure where it is. We jest about the last bit, and you surely know that, right?

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Bruce Gregg Says: March 30, 2011 at 8:54 am

I bought this keypad for my room setup. I have myself a projector hooked up as a second screen so I can watch movies in bed without my glasses on and this keypad has saved alot of getting up out of bed to change the film or volume.
I can also have my bedroom light off thanks to to the back lighting function, it’s brilliant!

I have my computer roughly six meters from my bed and the dongle hooked into a usb extention allowing me great connectivity.

It feels just like a remote control, the mouse pad is pretty good for it’s size and not too sensitive either which is a good thing really as it gives me comfortable control.

The keyboard buttons are a little tricky at times but I can quite happily surf the web or browse through folders easily enough.

Overall I this product is perfect for presentations, home cinema systems setup through a desktop or laptop or just being lazy in bed. For it’s price I’d say it is definatly worth it.

Hope this helps

Edwin Says: March 30, 2011 at 7:42 pm

Thanks for the input, Bruce

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