Cedar iPod Dock

by Ally

If you’re just not satisfied with all of the modern looking docks out there, perhaps you’d like something that feels a little more earthy.  It does’nt get much more earthy than a log filled with speakers.  Sure, they’ve cleaned up the wood and shaved it down so that it looks a whole lot more smooth, but it’s still just a log of wood.

Just plug your very modern looking iPod Touch or iPhone directly into the dock and it’ll play your music all the while giving your phone a bit of a charge.  The dock is handmade out of cedar, so you’ll get the joy of smelling cedar while you listen to your music.  It comes with 2 USB cables and a headphone jack cable.  It also has a USB wall adapter so that you can power it off of your standard electric outlet.  You can purchase is for $238 through Etsy.

Source: Technablog

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