Xplore iX104C4HD Tablet PC launched


Do you happen to hold a job which happens in a hostile environment which will definitely affect the performance of an ordinary notebook or PC? Well, for those who happen to fall under this category, Xplore Technologies Corporation has just the thing for them by rolling out the brand new iX104C4HD Tablet PC. It seems that the iX104C4HD Tablet PC is no slouch when it comes to being rugged and durable, where it is more than capable of shrugging off 2 meter drops. This height is currently unmatched by Xplore’s rivals, making the iX104C4HD the highest rated mobile computer on the market where operating drop tests are concerned. Of course, we don’t know whether this occured on a concrete floor, or did the iX104C4HD Tablet PC have some sort of additional casing, but surviving a 2 meter drop is still very impressive in any case, especially when you consider most folks would drop theirs from a height of 1 meter thereabouts – by accident, of course, and not on purpose unless you happen to work as a unit tester for said tablet.

The iX104C4HD design will implement best in class indoor/outdoor AllVue Xtreme display technology, boasting a flexible user interface with Dual Mode functionality, Intel Core Duo technology, Windows 7 and Military Standard 810F (MIL-STD-810F) compliance for mission critical computing. Among the key features found in the iX104C4HD, they include :-

  • Withstands 26 operating drops from 6’6” (2 meters)
  • AllVue Xtreme LCD technology for viewing in all lighting conditions
  • Dual Mode technology accepting both pen and touch input from the user
  • MIL-STD-810F compliance
  • Extended Thermal Operating ranges
  • Customizable mounting solutions for a wide variety of vehicles types

No idea on pricing or availability just yet, but you can be pretty sure that the iX104C4HD is not going to come cheap. After all, most rugged tablets and notebooks have a premium price tag attached to them simply because of all the additional failsafes integrated within.

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