GRASP Labs creates quad copters to pick up things

by Mark R

This isn’t the first time we have covered flying drone robots such as the Parrot Ar.Drone, or the voice-controlled one at MIT.

This particular one is from UPenn, developed by the GRASP Lab. I have no idea if GRASP is supposed to stand for something, but it certainly is a good enough description of what this quad-copter does.

I have included a video of it so you can watch after the jump. You can see one of them picking up a board or something, and you will notice how much it flies into the air when it drops it. At least it does not spiral out of control.

Even more impressive is the fact that these quad-copters can work together in order to pick up something quite heavy. This uses some sort of swarm technology that is aptly named, as it sounds like a swarm of bees.

I’m sure this technology is still in development now, and I am not certain what you can really use it for. I mean, I would love to have one of these things fly around the house and pick up things, but that’s more of a toy, really.

Perhaps in the future, we can send them out on the city streets and pick up trash. Yeah. There we go. I’m sure I’m just not thinking of any more practical uses.


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