@Rest works as durable iPad Stand

by Ally

If you just want a normal iPad stand, but aren’t worried about portability, this would be a great stand to have in your office or home.  Plus, with the wide range of colors it’ll be easy to find one that goes with your décor.  It’s heavy duty materials, so although you sacrifice portability, you get a durable accessory.

They’re made out of heavy steel construction and measure 3.9 inches tall by 8.5 inches deep and 6.3 inches wide.  You can choose between black, red, yellow, white and silver.  If you’re not fond of any of those colors you can also have custom colors made, of course it might change the price a hair.  Normally though, the price sits at $59.95 to those in the US.  If you’re outside of that range, you can contact them to find out how much it might cost in other areas.

Source: Gizmowatch

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