Callpod Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth headsets have superb range


Both the Callpod Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth 2.0 headsets are very different from the rest simply because they are not limited to the traditional 10-meter range that most Bluetooth headsets come with, but will instead boast five times the reach, surpassing even 50 meters under ideal conditions. Not only that, both models will also sport 2-Way Walkie-Talkie and Dual-Mic Noise Suppression technology for crystal clear conversations to make sure that nothing gets lost, an important factor to consider if you’re a business person who is constantly on the go and need to get your message across in a concise and accurate manner regardless of the environment you’re in. More on both Bluetooth headsets in the extended post.

As mentioned earlier, both the Onyx and Vetro Bluetooth headsets are able to work flawlessly within a 164 ft (50m) range, although we are assuming that this means not having interfering factors such as thick concrete walls, but rather, being in an open field/space without any obstructions. This fivefold increase in range (theoretically) will enable users to roam around the office or home without the limitation of being tethered to their cellphone. Apart from that, the Onyx and Vetro will also play nice with your PC or Mac when it comes to holding Skype calls, letting you switch between the computer and cellphone with but a press of a button.

To further save money on your monthly phone bill, why not equip the entire office with the Onyx and Vetro? After all, they can be used with other Vetro, Onyx or Dragon V2 headsets for two-way or push to talk communication, as long as you remain within a reasonable connection distance. Of course, one might argue that using the built-in PABX system is good enough, but what about those moments when you’re not sure where your colleague is, and you call his or her cellphone? Taking around 3 hours for a full charge, you get up to 5 hours talk time and over 120 hours on standby with either headset. The Onyx and Vetro will retail for $69.95 and $99.95, respectively just in case you’re interested.

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Jeremy Says: February 5, 2011 at 7:43 am

The “gummy” ear piece is not for young ears. It’s way to big and doesn’t fit inside your ear. Lucky for us, the human ears continues to grow our whole life. (my grandpa’s ears are huge!) I’m 30 years old, so this ear piece should fit my ear in, oh I’d say, about 40 years.

The style is cool.
The multifunction button sux!
The volume control is very nice.
The “gummy” ear piece hurts my ear.
Call clarity and range is good.


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