Treadway Motorized Shoes take you where you want to go

by Mark R

Imagine living in a world where you can zip along the road at about 10 miles an hour. True, you can do that on roller skates at faster speeds, but if you want to go driving afterward, then you have to take them off. Sometimes those roller skates can be a pain if you are taking them off and putting them on all the time.

These Treadway motorized shoes are like having roller skates on your feet all the time, but will only be used if you want them to be. So if you are going along, and decide you want to walk inside a store, or drive somewhere, or on a bike, you can just retract them and go about your ambulatory way.

The designer of these shoes, Peter Treadway, has entered them in the James Dyson awards. If he wins, then we could be seeing them on the market. There is a video of them after the jump, but I have to say that it looks a little crude to me.

I hope to see these on my feet one day. If that day ever comes, I wonder if I will ever take them off. Then I will be zipping around everywhere that I go.


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luis r. ferrer Says: December 22, 2011 at 1:25 pm

Check out the threadway motorized shoes if wins award will come out on market as well just like solid.

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