Magnetic thinking putty is drawn to magnets

by Mark R

I think that it is false advertising to call this Magnetic Thinking Putty. Granted, it is magnetic, and we have some footage of this thing following a magnet. However, it isn’t thinking: “hey, a magnet, I think I’ll follow it”. No, this is physics that draws it, not any psychology.

I have a video of it essentially consuming a magnet that was put on it. Watch it after the jump, and try not to think of any Terminator 2 villains.

I suppose that you could call this magnetic Silly Putty, and I suppose that probably is the best description, without using the word “thinking”. It sort of reminds me of the Nanodots magnetic balls that we reported on a while ago.

If it is like Silly Putty, then I hope that it isn’t like when you play with Silly Putty too much. As I recall, Silly Putty loses its pink over time, then absorbs all the gunk that you have pressed it against and becomes a gooky substance that no one wants. In other words, it becomes “Serious Putty”.

Magnetic Thinking Putty looks like it could easily become Magnetic Dumb Putty. I wonder if it will still hold its magnetic charge after it gets to the old stage.


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