USB Discover MIDI Keyboard


So you’re quite the whizz when it comes to a QWERTY keyboard, so why not expand your boundaries by learning how to make sweet music with the USB Discover MIDI Keyboard? This £39.99 purchase is a 25-key piano-style keyboard that can hook up to your PC or Mac, helping you learn, play and perform thanks to its extremely user-friendly software which ought to be able to help you get started just about anytime, anywhere. Not only can you learn each chord at your own pace, it also allows you to record and playback your session for a personal review, not to mention the ability to learn scales as well. Pitch, program and octave buttons are all thrown into the mix, and it when compared to the cost of proper piano lessons, the USB Discover MIDI Keyboard pales in comparison, making it the ideal start for beginners and experienced key-tinklers alike.

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