Countertop display tells you what to do with your food

by Mark R

Some of you might remember when we reported on the Smart Fridge that can tally the food in your fridge, and even figure out what recipes to make from them.

This is the Oasis system, which takes essentially the same technology and puts it on the kitchen countertop. For example, slapping a side of beef on the countertop will cause the nutritional stats to be displayed next to it, thanks to the pico-projector that is mounted above the counter.

When you put the green pepper beside it, you can get a whole bunch of great recipes. I would assume that it would suggest steak fajitas. I wonder if you assemble all the ingredients, it will even show you the recipes with videos and such.

I wonder if future advancements could make it detect whether the food is good or not, and then project a red X on it or something.

My source even imagines this tech being taken out of the kitchen and into every room. For example, a bathroom counter that can identify pills, and a living room table that can detect…chip and dip combinations.

Well, I suppose some uses are better than others, but you have to admire where this technology could go.


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