Ville, the shopping cart bicycle

by Mark R

I know that there are a lot of countries where the bicycle is a primary form of transportation and not the car. I would imagine that daily trips to the grocery store are needed just to get supplies, and it would be handy to have a bike such as this.

This is the transforming Ville, a bike that can fold in half in order to become a shopping cart. It may not be a cart that can hold a week’s worth of groceries, but if you just need to get enough to fill two baskets, this is probably your deal.

Not only that, you have a bike with two baskets that enable you to bring home quite a bit. As someone who once used a bike as his primary form of transportation, it does help to have that basket on the bike, even if it does look a little dorky.

I also know the perils of having to chain up your bike, only to have some jerk beat up the front tire so it is bent out of shape. It would be nice to just take the bike in the store and use it as something to hold all the items I am intending to buy.

Yep, it really just makes sense to build a bicycle like this. Unfortunately, it is just a concept at this particular moment.


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A. A. Credit Says: August 7, 2012 at 3:23 pm

At first glance it appears it would be a hit with the elderly… however I’m concerned about the dexterity involved in converting it back and forth.

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