Dog Lamp Desk Organizer

by Ally

If you’re feeling a little crafty, this could make a weekend project for those of you not scared off by wiring jobs.  This isn’t a kit that’s up for purchase, but the idea might be enough to give you some ideas on how to make your own version of this sort of thing.  This dog design makes it perfect for kids who want to have their own desk space to work on school projects.

On the inside of the mouth is a light that makes the eyes glow once the rest of the lights are out.  Then on the back of the dog is a spot to hold all sorts of small office supplies like pens, markers and scissors.  If you are using it for a kids room you might make sure that the wires are extra secure, so they don’t go accidentally tugging too hard on it.  This particular dog is a design by David Zhang, who hopefully will get some kits out for those of us that aren’t the best at woodworking.

Source: Yanko

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