Iomega Skin-branded hard drives ready to hit the US market


Iomega is a trusted name when it comes to data protection, and this time round they have just rolled out a new line of Iomega Skin branded Hard Drives, where you get to choose from a trio of different 500GB portable hard drives which will feature unique designs and colors that scream, “Who says portable storage has to be boring?” Definitely not meant for the older generation who want something boring and normal, the Iomega Skin hard drives will boast custom Skin-branded graphics that are guaranteed to stand out in a burst of hip culture when compared to others that you see in today’s hard drive market.

Suffice to say, all three models will connect to your computer via USB 2.0, although it would have been nice to see Iomega take the plunge into the world of USB 3.0 connectivity as more and more devices in the computing world start to support that standard. After all, transferring a full 500GB worth of data is no mean feat, and you would definitely wait a whole lot less if you have the speed of USB 3.0 on your side. Anyways, back to the Iomega Skin hard drives – the first among the three would be the “Radical” Skin Hard Drive model that features a retro Skin-branded printed logo design on a black top with a vibrant yellow base, helping create a look that stands apart from any other portable hard drive. As for the “Red Hot” Skin Hard Drive model, you get a “Skin” Swipe logo printing on a red top with a black base, resulting in a definition of hip and hot for today’s young iconoclastic computer user.

Last but not least would be the “Knock Out” Skin Hard Drive model that boasts a dark, mysterious aura with a “Skin” Gothic logo design on a silver top with a black base. All it takes is a single glance of this portable hard drive and you can expect the green eyed monster to rear its head in their hearts. Since all three models rely on an USB interface, you need not lug around additional power supplies on your travels, thanks to the magic of plug and play. They are also equipped with Iomega’s standard Drop Guard protection for added safety for your precious data in the event of accidental drops as long as they are no higher than 51 inches and fall onto industrial carpet. Expect each of these new Skin portable hard drives to retail for $119.99 a pop.

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