Innpu offers first wired cell phone in the world


When you mention cell phone, what is the first image that comes in to your mind? Most of us would think of snazzy iPhones as well as the ever more popular Android-powered handsets, not to mention those living in developing countries with their Nokias. Innpu bucks the trend this time round by offering a wired handset that they call a cell phone as well, making us wonder in amazement as to a seeming regression in terms of technological advancement in this day and age. What’s so special about this wired cell phone, you ask? Well, it is the the of its kind in the world that comes with built-in retractable headphones. Whenever you receive a phone call, all you need to do is pull out the built-in headphone line and start yakking away. Of course, whenever the call is done and over with, the headset and headphones will automatically retract – now how cool is that? This mechanism was thrown into the mix because Innpu wants to reduce the risk of cell phone radiation to the user’s head, while freeing up both hands of the user at the same time.

From the outside, the built-in retractable headphone module might seem to be an extremely simple form factor, but it is very different in real life since it is rather quite technical. Innpu actually spent the better part of 5 years to gather multi-national technology experts for the development of polymer materials, new composite materials, and a continuous innovation process, just so that they can release a device that surpasses ordinary headphone winding capability, which now allows their wired cell phone to wind up to ten thousand times during the handset’s service life, while overcoming obstacles such as module size constraints that can affect ease of use and speed.

Innpu’s wired cell phone is said to be made available worldwide in due time, and the future could be very different with this technology being extended to other devices out there such as netbooks, notebooks, the iPad and small mobile network terminals, not to mention portable media players.

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JS Stewart Says: June 22, 2010 at 6:25 pm

…not to mention those living in developing countries with their Nokias…


Edwin Says: June 23, 2010 at 6:17 pm

In reference to most developing countries (third world nations) using basic cellphones from Nokia like the 1100 series, etc 🙂

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