The Infinity Iron could make it less of a chore

by Mark R

I don’t iron much, and yes, I know I probably should. I might iron more if I had the Infinity Iron though.

I remember when I grew up, we had an iron, and the buttons and dials never made sense to me. This iron though has a OLED display on top, which is an interesting way of controlling an iron that I haven’t heard of. Speaking of displays, this one has a water reservoir that illuminates to blue to signal the reservoir and temperature to the user.

The top half of the Infinity iron is also heat sensitive, and it will heat up when the iron feels the human hand on it. I don’t think I know of any iron that can do that. It does have the ability to turn off automatically, which is an ability that I believe a lot of irons do that.

By the way, the top has a rubberized texture that makes it better for gripping.

According to this picture here, there are four lettered options. The first is A) Coming to Life, B) Menu Bar, C) Thermostat, and D) Info. I wonder if the Info is able to tell the user how to iron his or her clothes. That would be a big help for me.


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