Glow Outdoor Furniture

by Ally

Usually when it comes to my furniture I prefer a whole lot of comfort and it has to look at least a little good.  I don’t believe I’ve ever made the attempt to find a chair that doubles as a light source.  I tend to stick with lamps for that job, but if you’re in the mood to think outside of the box, you should check out these chairs.  They give you a place to sit and give a bit of light while they’re at it.

These aren’t just chairs though, the set includes a stool and table as well.  You can have a whole bunch of furniture to give your backyard a glow.  You can also choose to mix and match colors or get all of the same ones.  The colors offered up include blue, green, red and white.  All 3 of the furniture pieces come in all of those colors.  The cheapest of the bunch is the stool that is priced at $199 per stool.  Now should you choose the table or chair, those cost $399 a piece.  It’s not exactly a cheap set, but you can pick it up through Frontgate.

Source: Gizmodiva

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