Energenie kills power to gadgets for you

by Ally

When it comes to energy conservation there are a whole lot of small gadgets that you can choose from.  There are several that do nothing more than let you know just how much energy is being sucked away by leaving the device plugged in all the time.  Hey, if it works to motivate you then it’s worth it to have the stats handy.  However, if that’s not quite enough for you, this Energenie does a lot of the work for you.

Like many of the other devices to control your appliances and electronics, you just plug the appliance into the energy saver and then it plugs into the outlet.  The big benefit with this gadget is that once it detects that a device has gone into that famous standby mode, it will just cut off all power to it.  The possibilities are endless with this one, you can attach it to anything from your TV onto the smaller gadgets like your CD player.  You can purchase one of these for £13.99 or about $20 through Nigel’s Eco Store.

Source: Envirogadget

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