USB Brick 4-Port Hub the 2nd

by Ally

If you weren’t quite thrilled with the first Lego inspired hub that became available, thankfully there is this new one.  It’s not all that much different, but it might just be different enough to get you to finally take one home.  Honestly, as cheap and as awesome as there are, everyone should have at least two.  Of course I don’t have any either, but I’m aware that I should.  I’m getting around to it.

These 2nd round models just look a little chunkier than the 1st round.  The similar things are that they’re stackable, have 4 ports and look like Lego bricks.  The hubs come in a total of 3 colors, including brown, white and yellow.  They aren’t exactly the more popular Lego colors of red and blue, but they’ll do the trick.  You can purchase one of these for $10 through GizGeek.

Source: TechFresh

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