RealD creating kid-friendly 3D glasses

by Ally

Just about all of the 3D movies seem to be targeted more towards kids than adults.  Now granted there have been a few adult 3D movies and even if they are kid movies, the adults are forced to sit through them as well.  However, despite the slant towards kids, the glasses are all made for adult-sized heads.  There has been a bit of concern that those too large glasses are distorting the 3D movies for kids.  Thankfully RealD will have kid-sized glasses just in time for Toy Story 3.

The glasses are made with the exact same quality level as the grown up glasses, they’ve just shrunk them down a bit.  One other change they’ve made is that all of these are individually wrapped for hygienic reasons.  Of course, I don’t know about you, but the times that I’ve had a horrible virus that knocks me on my tail are when I happen to pick something up for my toddler aged niece.  Maybe we adults are the ones that need protecting here.

Source: Ubergizmo

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