Polk Audio Atrium Outdoor Speakers

by Ally

When it comes to outdoor audio there is no limit to your options.  This particular option has a little bit of a leg up with it having a great deal of versatility as far as the usage goes.  Instead of just being forced to sit on a stand on some corner of your patio, it has a few different ways to be mounted out in your outdoor living area.

It has the obvious stand that makes it great for tabletop usage.  Then it also has a stake to go into the ground and it can even dangle from the ceiling of your porch.  Either way the two small speakers let you choose the best way to listen in.  If you’re worried about it getting thumped by the lawn mower out in your yard, there’s also a shock absorbing gasket to help with those situations.  There’s also the Atrium Sub10, which is a 200watt subwoofer with a 10 inch “Long Throw” Driver.  It’s completely weatherproof, can be painted the color of your choosing and can be used as a stand to hold anything under 200lbs.  The whole set can be picked up for about $500 through Amazon.

Source: Technabob

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