Paper Jamz Guitars


Love making a whole lot of sound (music, you call it) but lack the talent to do so? Fret not (pun not intended) with the new Paper Jamz Guitars that will come in Bullet, Devil, Hot Rod, Shuttle and V varieties for £24.99 a pop. Being as thin as a ream of papers (we’re talking about just 1″ here), the Paper Jamz Guitars are touch sensitive guitars that feature ActiveGraphics electronics within, allowing you to crank out chords and riffs freestyle or play along to various preloaded, fully licensed tracks without having to worry about strumming at the right places. You can opt for Perfect Play Mode if there is no talent whatsoever within, while controlling the tempo in Rhythm Mode or go off the charts in Freestyle Mode if you think you have what it takes on the real deal.

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