SixthSense could help search-and-rescue teams

by Mark R

This is a concept device by Dieter Amick, and it is designed to make finding lost people a whole lot easier.

It is named “SixthSense for Search and Rescue”, and it is designed to be a computer that you wear on the front of you.

It isn’t exactly something that looks plausible with today’s technology, because the screen looks like it pulls out like a reverse window blind. Granted, I’ve heard of flexible displays before, and I suppose that the company that makes it cheap to mass-produce and affordable will probably be the next big tech company, and will make billions.

As you can see, the computer screen can retract into a pouch like compartment that is best described as a fanny-pack. Perhaps that isn’t the best description, for the source shows people wearing this fanny pack in front of them and quite high, almost at the neck.

Of course, here is the part where I explain that this is just concept technology, and that this is still just some sort of experiment. However, you can’t help but wonder if this GPS system could make a terrific accessory for search and rescue crews.

I wish it wasn’t called SixthSense. You really shouldn’t name a search and rescue device after a film with the most famous tagline of: “I see dead people”.


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hasan Says: May 25, 2010 at 9:12 pm

looks like the tech seen in 360 game, Dead Space.

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