Interactiv Boxing is fully adjustable

by Mark R

This Interactiv Boxing is a punching bag that isn’t like any other. You know how most punching bags just hang? This one is completely adjustable, on a rack that allows it to be shifted up or down as the user or multiple users require.

You’ll note the specially marked places where you can punch. I suppose that this is what makes it different than your average punching bag, but then again, your average punching bag doesn’t have 10 fitness programs that provide numerical feedback on your work out.

From what I can see, I can’t help but wonder if this thing talks. Does it tell the user: “Come on, buddy, you can hit it harder than that”. Considering that punching bag sells for $182, with a wall-mount rack for an additional $97, it practically ought to talk back.

Of course, for what you lose in money you make up in space. If you own a heavy punching bag, you know how much space that you need for them. If you can save on that, then it is probably worth your time.

That, or you could get yourself a Wii, and just use the Wiimote plus Nunchuck to throw a few punches and get into some virtual fights.


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