The Flow Interactive Music System

by Ally

The Flow Interactive Music System is officially my new favorite concept design.  It’s not because it has the best looks out there, although it does look pretty cool.  It’s actually because it’s made to help you keep your music to match your mood.  When you’re ready to party no one wants to hear a slow song, so this speaker system using your own movements will set it on party mode.  That’s not the only mood it has available though.

To change the mood is has accelerometers and gesture control sensors.  It has 3 different types of shakes to go along with the moods.  When you want to relax, just gently move it up and down.  For work tunes you shake it a little harder and then to party you give it a very vigorous shake.  The spheres themselves are what need the shaking.  Then to control the volume just turn the speaker upside down.

Source:  GeekyGadgets

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