Blob and Flow keeps you company

by Ally

Sometimes when you’re sitting at that computer screen it gets awful lonely.  No amount of social networking or online chats will give you the companionship that you need and crave.  Just tap this silver little pet and he’ll respond to your touch in all sorts of pleasant ways.  Then when you’re tired of his bouncy little personality, you can force him to fall asleep.

These lights come in a blue and red form.  Tap them once while they’re asleep and he’ll pop to life.  You can also lightly tap him and make him wink as well as make him go a little crazy.  To make him sleep again just hold down with your finger a little bit longer.  It plugs directly into your USB port to keep it up and powered.  This won’t be available until about the mid point of June.  You can pre-order the Mathmos creation for £35.00 or about $50.

Source: NerdApproved

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