Morning Glory Solar Powered LED Flower

by Ally

Solar gadgets are usually a little more on the practical side.  This one doesn’t even serve a real purpose like the solar garden lights.  Instead, it’s purely decorative, but that’s plenty good enough.  It’s a great modern twist for those that enjoy stained glass hanging in their windows.

When it is bright outside the lamp will shrink up and allow for sunlight to stream through it.  Then after dark it will bloom into a snowflake pattern and show off the LED lights.  Morning Glory was designed by Wendy Legro, who is graduating from The Netherland’s Design Academy of Eindhoven.  That sadly means that this hasn’t been created just yet for mass production.  At least so far it’s still a concept design, it’s possible it’ll eventually become more though.

Source: Inhabitat

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1st class contracting Says: May 22, 2010 at 6:33 am

ive fitted solor panels into my roof to cut down on those dreaded bills. they havent saved me money yet but in the future they will save me loads

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