Kites generate power under the sea

by Mark R

Sure, we could all use new and energy-efficient power sources, and I’ve got to admire this particular one.

Dubbed “Deep Green” by a Swedish start-up company Minestro, it is known as an “underwater kite”. This particular kit doesn’t use the wind, but they are held aloft by “the motion of the ocean”. As for their “strings” they are tied to the seabed, and I’m guessing that what they are attached to must be made of some buoyant material of some sort.

These are actually turbines that measure about 12 meters across, and with the seas bounding them up and down in the water, they are able to generate 500 kilowatts of power when they are fully running.

Now, here is a question I have: how does one get the power from these kites and wire it to people’s homes. I guess I am assuming that tether is also a wire, and these wires are wired to a place where the power can be stored, and then, of course, transferred to houses.

So far, this project is one of those concepts for now. However, the company who is working on these underwater kites have just received 2.5 million in funding. I always wanted to know how much $2.5 million dollars will be as far a electric power is concerned.


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Mara Lammertzen Says: May 8, 2010 at 5:46 am

Nice looking idea. However, sealife will not be happy with it. The noise these turbines produce carries for miles are, besides the fact they make underwater life unlivable, immensely disrupt whale, dolphin, shark sonars. So, bad idea after all.

FeZaL Says: May 9, 2010 at 1:08 am

never know we can generate power using this kind of method…thanks for the info

hukiworld Says: May 27, 2010 at 9:24 am

Mara is 100% correct. Eggxtremely bad idea unless you don’t give a dam or respect other life than your own but if we have learned anything at all, we must learn to live with everything, this includes nature and it’s wildlife because without it, we can’t survive on our own. We need to eat and if we kill every living creature in the sea, this causes a domino effect with other environmental life as well.

I am happy to see people are thinking out-the-box finally for alternate fuel but anything that is going to do more damage than good is not good at all and should therefore be terminated altogether… These kites would have sea life caught and tangled up to name a few and the tragedies are even worse than you can possibly image.

Sorry, go back to the drawing board lmao! How about solar rift stations placed on top of the water?

hukiworld Says: May 27, 2010 at 9:27 am

Anyone who truly wishes to know how to save this earth and answer any question in life, visit and ask me… I can answer anything, I have a unique insight on every topic literally- just ask and find out 🙂

hukiworld Says: May 27, 2010 at 9:32 am

Just to prove my point, what to stop the oil leak in crisis we are experiencing and the President is doing jack about but just flapping his mouth and avoiding helping the immigrants as promised, I will tell you how to stop the dam oil leak right now.

Gold, the answer is gold…. Drill hole on pipe with leak, attach a metal pipe from above to pour molten gold once open to where pipe with leak and once the gold touches any liquid, it hardens instantly. Gold is very pliable unlike other metals and even hardens faster than mercury.

Did that answer the question how to stop that oil leak?

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