A Hollywood Sign Makeover

by Mark R

I’ve sure we all know the iconic Hollywood sign, but it is undergoing some dire straits. Hugh Hefner himself recently donated $900,000 to preserve the 138 acres it is founded on.

Bay Arch, a Denmark-based architecture firm has an idea to completely restructure the Hollywood sign. Not only do they want to keep the original letters, but they want to make them into a hotel.

In fact, they want to more than double the size of the 45 feet letters and turn it into a 105 foot tall resort. It would have clubs, movie theaters, spas, and all sorts of things that could easily make this the new Hollywood “place-to-be”. It will even have an observation deck.

Considering that the sign itself was originally built in 1923 as a part of a real-estate promotion, it is fitting that some sort of housing would be built there. I don’t know if you know this, but the sign originally spelled out Hollywoodland but the last part was removed in 1949. If this hotel becomes reality, then I suppose Bay Arch could expand by putting “Land” on it.

Personally, I would love to just see this. I mean, how cool would it be just to stay in a resort that looks like leters? Can you imagine the conversations afterward? “Oh, yeah, I stayed in the Hollywood Hotel. Yeah, I was in the L-Suite, the second L.”


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hukiworld Says: May 7, 2010 at 1:07 am

I’ll reserve the “H” suite lmao!

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