Trekkies Rejoice: The Enterprise, she flies!

by Mark R

This man here is John Krietzer, not to be confused with John Archer, the captain of the Enterprise from the show Star Trek: Enterprise, for those who didn’t get the reference.

What you are seeing here is a model of the NCC-1701-A, and it can actually fly! I had to see it to beleive it for myself.

Not that I saw it, but I saw this video after the jump, and it doesn’t look like any special effects were used. Granted, I believe the Enterprise can fly without a propeller in back, but this one needs that extra boost that even Scotty couldn’t provide.

I applaud him for managing to get this terrific starship up in the air, and I suppose that he managed to do it with 21st century technology rather than 23rd century.

Yeah, this is the time where all sorts of Star Trek jokes can be made. And believe me, they make several on the video. I suppose that you would be considered a “geek” if you get them. I consider myself a geek because I know that the nacelles are far too big to be an exact model replica of the Starship Enterprise.

Dang, I sound just like the Comic-Book Guy from The Simpsons.


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