Cuponk offers addictive gameplay sans batteries


How many games or toys these days require batteries or some sort of juice to make it fun and addictive? Whatever happened to using our imagination? Well, the Cuponk toy certainly harks back to older days when batteries were expensive, and yet does not skimp on the fun factor. Why do we say so? Well, the whole idea is to make sure your ball bounces straight into the Cuponk cup, only to have it illuminated and emit a cacophony of bleeps. Sounds easy at first, but not after you factor in 30 trick cards which lets you know the kind of shot you must perform, taking everyday places as a venue for a game of Cuponk. You can choose from El Campeon, Let it R.I.P and Gorillanator sets at £14.99 each.

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D Cummings Says: September 25, 2010 at 7:37 pm

It requires 3 AAA batteries.

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