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The standard FM radio is no longer worth checking out with the advent of digital Internet radio, but for those of us who live in areas that do not have a decent broadband connection, then FM radio might be all you have to rely on. Still, that is not exactly a bad thing since a good DJ is able to tip the balance in your favor, but don’t you think that Internet radio is a whole lot more convenient? After all, you will have the choice of searching through virtually thousands of stations to suit nearly every musical taste, not to mention taking full advantage of your Internet connection instead of using it for just emails. PURE, the name behind many notable digital and Internet-connected radios, is back with a trio of highly anticipated products which will be available across North America from July 1, 2010 onwards. Those who attended CES 2010 would have realized that these were on preview earlier this year then.

First off we have the EVOKE Flow which has picked up more than 30 awards, including ‘Radio Product of the Year,’ making this PURE’s first truly connected portable radio. It comes complete with light and portable with inputs for an iPod dock, or if you prefer, additional speakers. The EVOKE Flow would be able to find its place in just about any room in the house, ranging from the bedroom, to the kitchen and living room.

As for the Oasis Flow, this model comes with a stylish weatherproof case, rubber seals and a cast aluminium framework that can be merged together, resulting in the most rugged, internet-connected radio on the market. This could very well be the perfect radio for folks who want to stay connected while working or playing outdoors. The Oasis Flow comes with a built-in rechargeable ChargePAK battery for hours of non-stop listening pleasure.

Last but not least would be the Siesta Flow, where this connected-consumer’s alarm clock offers Internet radio capability at the bedside. Being small and sleek enough to fit in just about any bedroom space, don’t let its diminutive size fool you since it is powerful enough to function as a room’s primary stereo. With the Siesta Flow, you are able have a different alarm tone every single day, since it comes with 365 different alarm tones. Too bad during a leap year you will have to endure a repeat. Apart from that, there is also a quartet of independent alarms, while a selection of ambient sounds help you enter dreamland in a jiffy.

The EVOKE Flow, Oasis Flow and Siesta Flow will hit the market this July 1st for $229, $249, and $139, respectively. Are you going to pick any of the mentioned models up?

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hukiworld Says: May 3, 2010 at 11:35 am

I approve these radios.

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