Gordian Knot’s Puzzle


Are you a puzzle lover who has a penchant for traditional puzzles instead of electronic ones? If that is the case, then the Gordian Knot’s Puzzle might be of interest to you, as it lets you live out the Shakespearean life by solving the Gordian Knot instead of trying to untie it by unsheathing your sword, taking over the whole world in the process. This is a much more gentlemanly manner of course, and we don’t see any good reason to ditch $9.99 by destroying this potentially mind boggling puzzle that ought to provide hours of frustration as well as entertainment with it. There are six colorful interlocking puzzle pieces waiting for you to separate them, and if you have wrecked your brain in the process, you can always give in to the temptation of the included 40 page, step-by-step solution book.

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