Post-It Assualt Rifle: Not as cool as you might think

by Mark R

I think what you are seeing here is a dream of any disgruntled office worker: a gun that can shoot Post-its.

I hope you aren’t too upset when I tell you that this is merely a concept, and I’m guessing that the gun in the photo is nothing more than some sort of mock-up.

So you can forget about your dreams of shooting post-its until you have covered up a man. (Think about the poster for Office Space if you need a visual aid.)

This is what the designer Alex Marshall does want to do with it:

This concept would contain an air reservoir which could be either battery or mechanically powered and a mechanical arm to push the post-it from the magazine… I did some basic testing and found that it would require a significant amount of air without this arm separating it from the post-it stack so this justifies the arm.

I believe this would shoot rolled up Post-its, really. Nothing that you could really write on, maybe.

I guess I just have a dream of stalking people with a gun that would allow any message I want to be stuck to them. Of course, I would have to write those messages in advance, wouldn’t I?

Yeah, this Post-it gun is just not as cool as I wanted it to be.


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hukiworld Says: April 28, 2010 at 8:47 pm

How stupid.

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