FREETALK Everyman HD Webcam now available


The FREETALK Everyman HD Webcam from In Store Solutions is finally available to the masses, specially catering to those who do plenty of talking over Skype. It is also known by its model number TALK-7140, and this brand new high-definition (HD) webcam will empower Skype users with true 720p HD video calling. If you’re interested, you might want to scoot your browser over to the Skype Shop, where it can be purchased globally as long as you have a credit card with enough money to pay for it. The Everyman HD Webcam will be able to enable HD-encoded video without breaking the bank, retailing for just $49, which is more or less similar in pricing terms when compared to most other standard webcams. This compact and lightweight Everyman HD Webcam is a snap to get it up and running since there is no set up procedure to go through – all you need to do is plug and play and you’re good to go, making it especially convenient for those who are constantly on the road.

According to In Store Solutions Product Manager Mike Padmore, “There is no higher performing, Skype Certified HD webcam than the Everyman HD, and the Everyman HD is available at just a fraction of the price of other HD webcams. Unlike most High Quality webcams on the market today, the Everyman encodes the video signal in real time, meaning you do not need to utilize all of your computer’s resources while conducting a Skype video call.”

Some of the specifications of the FREETALK Everyman HD Webcam include :-

  • High performance optical lens
  • 24-bit true color depth
  • Auto Exposure and Auto White Balance
  • Auto Focus capability
  • Supports HD video encoding at resolutions up to 1280×720 at up to 22 frames per second
  • Skype Certified High Definition Webcam
  • Universal clip for attaching to a wide variety of displays and monitors

Being able to pick up the Skype Certified mark makes the Everyman HD one of the highest rated webcams from Skype, and might just make those who feel homesick experience a unique Skype video calling experience as though they are in the same room with their family and friends. You will need at least Skype 4.2 for Windows and above for the FREETALK Everyman HD Webcam to run fine, and make sure your computer has a 1.8 GHz dual-core processor or faster and a high-speed broadband connection of at least 1 Mbps symmetrical bandwidth.

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