Panasonic prices VIERA VT25 Series of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs


Panasonic has finally revealed the pricing structure for its range of VIERA VT25 Series of Full HD 3D Plasma TVs, where this will mark an expansion of Panasonic’s 3D offerings to a grand total of four screens which come in varying sizes. The first VIERA VT25 models will hit the US market sometime early next month onwards, where you get 50″ class (49.9″ diagonal) and 54″ class (54.1″ diagonal) sizes with the 58″ class (58″ diagonal) and 65″ class (64.7″ diagonal) sizes to follow a month later – just in time for the World Cup, don’t you think so? You will find that the 50″ and 54″ models will retail for $2,599.95 and $2,999.95, respectively, while the 58″ model will knock your bank account back by $3,399.95 with its 65″ model going for $4,299.95. More details on what the TVs are able to offer in the extended post.

All of the Panasonic VIERA VT25 Series models will come with Full HD 3D Technology, where you will be able to experience a true Full 1080p 3D image thanks to new, faster screen phosphors (short-stroke) which will work in tandem with the VIERA VT25’s 600Hz sub-field drive, capable of outputting alternating imagery at 60 frames per second to each eye. When functioning in harmony with the compulsory Active Shutter Eyewear, the human brain will be able to merge both images together, interpreting them as a Full HD 3D image to deliver the highest possible realistic visual experience right smack in your living room. You will be pleased to know that each purchase of a Panasonic VIERA VT25 Series model will be accompanied by one pair of Panasonic 3D Active Shutter Eyewear, although you can always indulge the entire family with additional pairs for $149.95 a pop.

Apart from that, the Infinite Black Pro Panel is a brand new phosphor technology which is touted to produce deep blacks (5,000,000:1 native contrast) and vivid images with minimal reflection, while being a THX Certified Display makes sure that what you see is what the director originally intended, giving you the closest cinematic experience possible right in the comfort of your living room. Of course, with VIERA CAST WiFi with Skype Capability, you will be able to keep in touch with friends and family over Skype while enjoying access to feature films including information and communication offerings such as Amazon Video on Demand, Bloomberg News, Fox Sports and Netflix.

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