Modified Game Boy does GBA games


I remember my first Game Boy well – it came with a free Tetris Game Pak, and boy did I go through hours upon hours of gaming, neglecting my diet as well as studies only to be severely reprimanded by parents when my school grades were released. After that, I had sporadic run ins with the Game Boy, but fast forward a decade or so, and I was finally working, so I cobbled together my own meagre savings to purchase a Game Boy Advance instead – now how about that! This mod is interesting in a way where it uses a Game Boy’s chassis to store a GBA’s innards within, which means you will be able to play GBA, GBC and GB carts. A rechargeable battery is also thrown in for your gaming pleasure, making sure you need not worry about AAs ever again. I’m curious to know where the GBA’s shoulder buttons are located though…

Source: Tiny Cartridge

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