MiniCLICK Pro: Small Mouse from Ventev

by Mark R

I’ve reported on Ventev products before, like the PowerCELL mobile charger. I’ve had an opportunity to try out the MiniCLICK Pro as well. So far, I’m liking what I am seeing from Ventev.

The MiniCLICK Pro is a wireless mouse, but in a miniaturized size. I’m not certain if the small size enables the user to have better cursor speeds, but I will have to say that in using this mouse, my cursor went faster than it does on my regular-sized mouse. It also slipped on my desktop like it had a frictionless bottom.

As I mentioned before, the MiniCLICK Pro is wireless. It comes with a USB dongle that is quite small, and fits within the mouse itself. Yes, the tiny mouse actually opens open with a switch on the bottom that also contains the rechargeable battery.

To recharge the battery, you connect the retractable USB cord to your computer and then to mini-USB port that is on the mouse. The cord is a retractable thing that is about three feet in length when fully stretched.

I was not able to find the MiniCLICK Pro on the Ventev website, but I was able to find the Ventev MiniCLICK mouse. I’m not certain if that is the same product, but I was able to find the MiniCLICK Pro on the Accessory Geeks website for about $29.99.

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Ninja Media Says: April 22, 2010 at 7:13 am

this is cool must have it soon

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