ZAGG offers invisibleSHIELD for iPad


So you are pretty happy with your slightly more than a week old iPad, caressing it lovingly at every turn and opportunity? Why not give it the protection it deserves in the form of the invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG – after all, this company is famous for its range of protective cases and skins for a variety of devices, and their invisibleSHIELD line is nothing short of impressive. Being extremely popular, it has now arrived for the Apple iPad to make sure that nasty fingerprints as well as pesky scratches that result from careless transportation of your iPad would never happen once the invisiblesHIELD is in place good and proper. Let us read more about it right after the jump.

Being one of the very first accessories created for the iPad by ZAGG, the invisibleSHIELD functions as a military-grade, virtually invisible, and indestructible film which to date has offered unparalleled protection for thousands of gadgets from bumps, scratches, and dings with a lifetime guarantee – now how about that. Of course, we suppose that this guarantee applies to the device’s lifetime and yours as well, whichever expires first (touch wood that it will be the former). Apart from that, the original invisibleSHIELD will also offer fingerprint resistance and added grip to the iPad’s smooth surfaces, making sure that those suffering from a bad case of butterfingers won’t just let the iPad drop and slip whenever they handle it, and yet the touch screen display’s performance will not be compromised.

You will be able to bring home the full body invisibleSHIELD sells for $39.99, and the front only or back only sells for $29.99. Sounds like a pretty good deal either way, although we would highly recommend the full body version since you wouldn’t want to have an iPad that looks pristine all on only one side, with the other full of scratches and battle scars, would you?

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Allesandro Toni Says: June 2, 2010 at 4:15 am

Nice post m8!!!

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