Can you sign, record your voice, and give me a picture for my Rawlings Recordable Autograph Ball?

by Mark R

I believe that autographed baseballs can fetch a large price from collectors, but can you imagine having an autographed baseball with the player’s photo and a recording of their voice?

Now that might be worth something. This is the Rawlings Recordable Autograph Ball, and it has a voice recorder that can do 12 seconds of anyone’s voice. So if you can ever get your favorite baseball player around to sign the ball, you can surely get him to say something to the ball as well.

In case you are wondering, that isn’t an LCD screen on the ball, but just a 1.5 inch circular frame. I’m guessing that while the player is signing the ball, you can take a picture of him, and then put that picture into the frame later on.

All in all, you got yourself quite a collector’s item! Of course, this product really needs to have more than just a switch to turn the microphone on and off. After all, the famous player’s voice could so easily be recorded over by a curious child, that it isn’t even funny. Just think of how upset the parent would be if they found out that junior had recorded over their favorite baseball player’s voice.

You should be able to pick up this Rawlings Recordable Autograph Ball on the Things You Never Knew Existed site for about $24.98.


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