Healthier Pool Purifier


So you happen to have enough moolah to own a home that has a swimming pool in its compound – how about making sure that the pool’s water content remains clean and pristine at all times? Now, we’re not expecting it to be as clean as drinking water, but at least the Healthier Pool Purifier is capable of reducing the amount of chlorine required by up to 80%. You also don’t have to worry about this device running out of juice since it comes with an array of solar panels that is located on its top segment, letting the sun’s rays provide low-power current for an electrode coil that extends into the water. Not too sure whether it will work as well for an indoor pool though. A mineral electrode insert fits into the coil and slowly releases ions that fight algae and bacteria without the need for an algaecide. You can swim with this inside your pool without missing a beat. Each electrode’s insert lasts for a year, and throughout the 12 months it will go about collecting undesirable minerals such as calcium and iron as well, softening your water in the process. $349.95 is the asking price for the Healthier Pool Purifier.

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