Solid Steel Mousepad

by Ally

I can’t say I know a whole lot of people that still own a mouse pad that wasn’t free.  That is with the exception of those that try to find ones to make holding their mouse a little more ergonomic.  One thing I’ve definitely not come across is one made out of solid steel.  These steel mouse pads even come in all sorts of shapes and if those aren’t to your liking, you can get a custom one.

When you purchase one you’ll have the choice between a rectangular pad, round, square and even teardrop-shaped.  If that’s not enough for you there’s the Ravenholm, which is shaped like a saw blade.  All of the different shapes are made out of solid steel and can have a custom engraving put onto it, which won’t cost you any extra.  These range in price from $35 on up to $50.  Although the custom designs may cost you a little more than that.

Source: OhGizmo

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