OLED Wallpaper creates an interesting lighting effect

by Mark R

I realize that this still shot here looks like it was taken from a music video, but it is to demonstrate the power of OLED wallpaper.

OLED wallpaper is something that LOMOX is working on, and the OLED lighting is designed for providing ambient lighting to any room. I’m guessing that it can be put on a low-light setting for the day, and high in the day. It better be good enough to read by.

The good news is that OLED wallpaper takes less power than ordinary lightbulbs. It requires a low operating voltage of about 3 to 5 volts, so it will probably reduce your electric bill.

I will have to admit that I think that having OLED wallpaper will make your house look quite unusual, maybe even a little creepy. I mean, do you really want to have patterns of light on your wallpaper, or do you just want to have ordinary lights?

Still, if we can save energy, why not? Not only that, but to personalize our lighting with the OLED wallpaper might give our homes a little bit of artistic innovation. However, I hope it doesn’t stray too far, as this man here is sitting in a home that looks like it is from a dystopian science-fiction movie.


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Greg McMahan Says: April 3, 2010 at 5:43 pm

Instead of OLED lighting on the walls, install it on the ceiling.

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