BladeFish Seajet


The next time you go snorkelling, how about bringing the BladeFish Seajet with you? This comes in two models – the BF1000 and BF3000 which will retail for £299.99 and £399.99, respectively, and doesn’t require you to expand much energy since all you need to do is have enough strength to hold it in your two hands and let it propel you along underwater at 4.225 km/h for up to 40 minutes – it won’t help you outrun any Great White Sharks or predators, but at least you can relax your feet while you’re being dragged along. It does make me wonder what happens when you let go accidentally of the BladeFish Seajet, eh? Operational at depths of up to 30 metres, it tips the scales at a mere 4.7kg.

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