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Jabra, a well known name when it comes to Bluetooth-enabled devices, is back with a brand new stereo headset known as the Jabra Clipper. No, this one won’t shave off hair that grows out from the ears of some people, but will instead offer a stunning listening experience via a wireless stereo headset. This diminutive clip-on device comes with noise-blocking ear buds which combines style alongside minimalistic, easy-to-use controls. As with its namesake, it can be clipped onto bags, clothing as well as belts with the chameleon-like ability to switch between music and calls in a jiffy. Developed by GN Netcom, a world leader in innovative headset solutions, the Jabra Clipper can’t be purchased from just anywhere, as it is available exclusively only at Verizon Wireless retail stores across the US as well as the online website, VerizonWireless.com, when May 2010 rolls around.

Using the Jabra Clipper means you won’t need to switch between an MP3 player and a phone whenever there is an incoming call, since both devices can hook up wirelessly to let you switch seamlessly between calls and music in a jiffy. Not only that, all incoming calls will automatically override music that are played on a cellphone and, using the multi-function button lets you pause, skip tracks or alter the volume in a snap. This means you are able to store your cellphone as well as MP3 player separately in different pockets or bags without worrying about the connection.

The Jabra Clipper will play nice with just about any Bluetooth-enabled device, and can hook up to two different devices simultaneously thanks to the Multiuse technology. Users can also hook it up to a computer and listen to their favorite tunes there. Noise-blocking ear buds are thrown into the mix which will help keep sound quality pristine at all times, completely blocking out any external sounds. The Jabra Clipper can also be used with just about any other 3.5mm headphones in the market just in case you were wondering. Retailing for $59.99 a pop, it will be out later this May as mentioned earlier.

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Shaiper Says: October 21, 2011 at 8:45 am

My Compaq Presario C700 don’t have a bluetooth installed so i bought a small bluotooth device and installed it properly. But when i try to connect my bluetooth stereo headphones my laptop was able to detect it but windows says that I still have to install the driver for this. I don’t have any cd for my headphones and my bluetooth device doesn’t have any cd installer as well.

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