EcoCHARGE wall charger unleashed


Many of us do leave our mobile wall device chargers plugged in round the clock, and even though you don’t have any device connected to that particular charger and the power switch is turned off, said charger will still consume electricity – that is what a study by Ventev Innovations has concluded. This manufacturer of wireless accessories aim to transform ordinary products into extraordinary innovations, and in the never ending battle against unnecessary loss of energy, (aka Vampire Power draw), they have come up with a potential game changer in the form of the EcoCHARGE wall charger – touted to be the most advanced, energy-efficient wall charger on the market.

According to Jeff Lime, vice president of Ventev, “The EcoCHARGE is a game changer in the mobile device charger market – both on the energy conservation and innovation fronts. In addition to being Energy Star certified and exceeding the 5-Star efficiency rating, the EcoCHARGE charges two devices at one time, is packed with user friendly features like our power strip friendly design, and gives our customers the confidence to leave it plugged in by eliminating the Vampire Power draw concern when no device is connected, or when the device is fully charged.”

Apart from that, Ventev Innovations also has some more innovative wireless accessory products that were on parade at CTIA 2010, where among them include the PowerCELL, a rechargeable power supply that enables users to recharge USB-friendly devices while they are on-the-go. The device itself comes in a compact design to make it a snap to stow away on your travels, and can be whipped out for use right away even after being stored for months on end. LED indicator lights are included to show just how much charge is left. As for the AlumiSNAP, this new case construction will follow luxury auto industry trends, combining the use of metal and plastic in a stylish and functional design. It is made out of actual brushed-aluminum and protective polycarbonate. Expect the EcoCHARGE to retail for $29.99, where each purchase comes in the form of either mini USB or micro USB, depending on your device’s needs. An iPhone/iPod version of the EcoCHARGE will be out sometime next month.

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