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BlueAnt Wireless is more famous for their line of Bluetooth headsets as well as hands-free accessories than anything else, but today they take a slightly different route. This time round, BlueAnt Wireless is offering the BlueAnt Q1 Android application which is a no-brainer by its name alone – it will be an Android-specific software which is the first of its kind to enable text messages to be read aloud into a headset in a concise and discrete manner. Hopefully the voice used will be pleasing to the ears, and it won’t be too hard to decipher unlike other software in the market which does sound too robotic still in this day and age. Apart from that, the application also enables Bluetooth Q1 users with pairing and connection guidance, support information and a direct link to BlueAnt Customer Service.

With the recent addition of A2DP capability to the Q1 headset thanks to a free firmware update for users, it will now enable the reading of GPS turn-by-turn navigation as well as audio streaming, helping you concentrate on the road better so that the chances of you getting yourself and your passengers lost is lowered. Apart from that, the Q1 is touted to be the most advanced voice controlled headset in the industry thanks to its intuitive voice interface, where saying simple spoken commands is a snap to perform, not to mention its capability to hear voice prompts that tell them what the device is doing.

Among the functions and features of the BlueAnt Q1 Android application include :-

  • Listen to your text messages – When the user receives a text message, the Q1 headset will say, “You have received a text message from 555-1234” followed by the full text message.
  • Help and Support – The BlueAnt Q1 Android application provides a direct connection to BlueAnt’s Customer Service center to help users with any product need. In addition, the BlueAnt Q1 Android application allows you to access a user-friendly, searchable manual displayed on your phone’s screen.
  • The BlueAnt Q1 Android application is available April 1, 2010 as a free download from the BlueAnt website,, as well as from the Android Market, (service carrier data charges may apply).

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