Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger


Since summer is a few months away, it is natural for you to start making preparations for it – and bringing home the Foot Propelled Rocking Outdoor Lounger will certainly make your summer a much better time. After all, the bottom of the chair holds a foot rest that initiates smooth, relaxing undulation. It can be set in two stationary positions – both upright and reclined, through th repositioning of the foot lever. When reclined, your feet will be raised above your heart, offering a supine seating posture which facilitates oxygen and blood flow throughout the body, thereby encouraging relaxation. In addition, there is the presence of an open-weave mesh fabric which cradles your body to relieve pressure points and allows air to circulate to help keep you cool. We suppose it is harder to assemble than your standard piece of furniture from Ikea, but it certainly isn’t impossible! Stay cool this summer for $199.95.

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Garden Office Says: April 27, 2010 at 2:15 am

My partner would really go for this, trouble is he would want the rocker in the lounge, its much too much fun to keep in the garden.

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