Jet Hitter floats the ball before you hit it

by Mark R

I’m sure some of you remember Tee-ball from grade school, but this Jet Hitter from Japan’s Meiji University takes Tee-ball to the next level, all the way up to the big leagues.

Meiji U teamed up with Sapporo-based MR Corp to make a machine that can hold a ball on air to create a hovering ball that a heavy hitter can hit very well. It is definitely baseball of the future, or at least baseball practice of the future.

This Jet Hitter machine can be loaded up with 70 balls, which has a very unique ability to load up into a weird snake-like tube beside the machine. I suppose they come out and rest on the air cushion somehow.

Now, you are probably wondering what the difference between this Jet Hitter and say, a pitching machine. Well, I would have to say that most automatic pitching machines don’t let the practicing player concentrate on the proper place on the bat to strike the ball. On an automatic pitching machine, it is difficult to concentrate as the ball is soaring through the air. Since the air cushion holds the ball in place, the batter can eventually learn where is the proper place to strike!

Well, I don’t see this device being available to the average consumer, but maybe the major ball clubs would be interested in them.


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