LED Desk Lamp with Variable Colour

by Ally

Some people’s moods require different colors.  When you’re in a chipper mood you might want a bright shade or a darker one for those days after being out on the town all night long.  Well thankfully this lamp allows for you to decide how bright you want it and which shade you’d like as well.  It’ll let you mix colors or just stick with one of the main colors.

Each control represents a color, there’s one for red, green and blue.  I’m a little puzzled why they didn’t stick with prime colors and do yellow instead of green, but this works too.  Just slide the individual colors to mix the red and blue to get purple.  It’s pretty basic stuff, but it gives you a whole lot more control over the colors.  The lamp itself has a wooden base that can be customized to a finish of your choosing.  The whole thing stands about 30cm tall.  You can purchase it for $225 through Etsy.

Source: Technabob

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